Two Thousand Dead Calves in Manitoba Prompts Calls for Investigation

Manitoba cow farmers have reported severe difficulties with this Spring’s birthing season due to stormy and cold weather. Reports estimate that approximately 400,000 calves are born every year in Manitoba. This year, because of snowfall, mud, and rain, calves that are born too far away from shelter are at risk of dying, resulting in double or triple calf mortality rates from previous years. Animal Justice has responded to the mass deaths by writing to Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Officer to demand an investigation for potential violations of Manitoba’s provincial Animal Care Act. Animal Justice highlights that both the provincial Animal Care Act and the National Farm Animal Care Council Code of Practice both seek to protect calves from extreme weather conditions. Animal Justice is calling for individuals who fell below the standards of care to be held accountable, so that in the future, calves in Manitoba will be adequately protected from preventable weather-related deaths. Read an explanatory news article here and Animal Justice’s blog post here.