Montreal SPCA Gets Support from Opposition Party to End Residential No-Pet Clauses

The “Keeping Families Together” campaign initiated by the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has gained support from one of Quebec’s opposition parties. Mannon Massé, a member of Québec solidaire, has voiced support for a legislative change that would render any residential no-pet clauses null and of no effect. The SPCA’s Director of Animal Advocacy and Legal Affairs, Sophie Gaillard, highlights how low-income Quebec residents are particularly affected by no-pet clauses, which have the effect of forcing residents to choose between their companion animals and affordable housing, effectively breaking up families made of human and nonhuman members and leading to large numbers of abandoned animals when people move. Support from Québec solidaire may pressure the Quebec government to take action on no-pet clauses in residential leases. Read more here.