During pre-trial proceedings of #TheExcelsior4, animal rights activists protested at the office of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA). A point of frustration for those following #TheExcelsior4 criminal proceedings is that the activists were charged, but the farm was not charged for the poor conditions captured by the activists. At the BC SPCA office, activists urged the BC SPCA to step down from its enforcement duties to allow for more government action targeted towards farm oversight. BC SPCA General Manager of Communications, Lorie Chortyk, responded that the office welcomed the activists, and she highlighted how both the activists and the BC SPCA have both called for more oversight of the agriculture industry in British Columbia. In particular, the BC SPCA has called for 24-hour video surveillance and third-party auditing. Eventually, police were called to disband the sit-in, and six activists were arrested for mischief. Read more here.