#TheExcelsior4 Pre-Trial Hearings Begin

For their role in direct action on Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford in April 2019, British Columbia, activists Amy Soranno, Nick Schafer, Roy Sasano, and Geoff Regier - known as The Excelsior 4 - are facing twenty-one combined criminal charges. The pre-trial hearings will take place March 28th to April 8th, and the trial is scheduled for June 27th to July 21st. Ahead of the pre-trial hearings on March 28th, Soranno made a public statement which included calling attention to their prosecution while Excelsior continues to face no legal consequences for alleged animal cruelty, labeling this a “mockery of justice.” Read more here and visit #TheExcelsior4 website here.