New Article Describes Challenges and Opportunities for Animal Law Investigations and Prosecutions in Canada

Kendra Coulter, Bridget Nicholls, & Amy Fitzgerald, “Animal Protection: Organizational Constraints and Collaborative Opportunities” (2022) 7:1 Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being 16-19.

Abstract: This paper examines the landscape of animal cruelty investigations in Canada. Building on six years of mixed-methods research, we first outline the enforcement organizations and investigations process. Then we identify three challenges for jurisdictions across the country: the unevenness of forensic veterinary expertise, differing levels of Crown awareness and engagement, and relative availability of community-based programs and services to solve problems and prevent harm. We argue that further development of all three areas, including through strengthened multi-sector collaboration, will increase the effectiveness of animal protection, better protect vulnerable people, and augment public safety.