Bill Would Mandate Improved Treatment of Animals in Agriculture and Require Publicly Available Livestreaming of Noncompliant Facilities

House Resolution 598, the “Earth Act to Stop Climate Pollution by 2030,” would require several changes by the animal agriculture industry to mitigate climate change and improve animal welfare. The bill would require regenerative agriculture by 2030, and prohibit the use of antibiotics and hormones in animal agriculture for non-therapeutic purposes. It also would prohibit “forms of physical mutilation including debeaking, beak or bill trimming, declawing, pinioning, wattle trimming, desnooding, detoeing, nose rings, and tusk removal” and would ensure that animals used for agricultural purposes live in “a condition that allows the animal to socialize naturally, to engage in natural behaviors, to have freedom of movement, and to be reared with a mother and weaned at a natural time[.]” The bill also would allow public access to livestream videos of noncompliant facilities. The bill was introduced by Representative Adriano Espaillat and has been referred to the House Agriculture Committee.