Petition Initiated Calling on Government to Ban Octopus Farming

A federal e-petition has been launched, calling on the Government of Canada to ban the importation of farmed cephalopod products into Canada and prohibit the breeding or raising of cephalopods in captivity on Canadian territory. Companies are getting close to creating the conditions needed for industrial-scale breeding of cephalopods, like octopuses, and are working to develop ways to keep them in large-scale commercial farms. If successful, this petition would make Canada the first country to ban octopus farming and prevent these kinds of farms from developing in the country. The petition was initiated by the Montreal SPCA and authorized by Green Party leader Elizabeth May, with support from Animal Justice, Humane Canada, Last Chance for Animals, the BC SPCA, the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, the Vancouver Humane Society, and the Winnipeg Humane Society. It will remain open for signatures from Canadian residents until May 16th, 2023.