Quebec Court of Appeal Orders City of Longueuil to Halt Deer Cull

On November 14th, the Quebec Court of Appeal ordered the City of Longueuil to suspend its plans to cull the deer in Michel-Chartrand Park until the appeal filed by Sauvetage Animal Rescue can be heard on its merits. In their decision, the Honourable Justices Jacques J. Levesque, Stephen W. Hamilton, and Michel Beaupré stated that “to the extent that the case on the merits proceeds expeditiously, the harm to the public interest alleged by the city should not worsen, while the harm alleged by the appellants if the deer cull were to commence would become irreparable” (SPCA translation). The trial on the merits will be heard by the Superior Court in Longueuil on April 24, 25, and 26, 2023.