The Brooks Institute’s vision is to become the preeminent think tank for animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary studies.
The Brooks Institute has identified the need for:
  1. Gold-standard empirical research related to animal law and policy;
  2. Increased opportunities to collaborate; and
  3. Commonality in strategies toward a paradigm shift in animal protection.

To meet these needs, the Institute fosters a neutral, synergistic environment where subject-matter experts are encouraged to brainstorm, collaborate, and produce new research. The Institute does not advocate any particular policy agenda or political point of view. Instead, we make new findings available to the animal protection community at-large. Community members are encouraged to review our research and use it to advance their own projects and policies related to animal well-being, protection, and rights.

We view ourselves as cultivators of a tree of knowledge, the fruit of which takes the form of gold-standard research. We hope that members of the animal protection community feel welcome to pick the fruit that best nurtures their own initiatives and advocacy efforts.

Brooks Tree with Essential Elements