The Brooks Institute studies indicate that the animal protection community appears to be commonly identifying the need for: (1) more gold standard empirical research and public policy shifting thinking; (2) more collaboration; and (3) a common strategy.
With this in mind, the vision of the Brooks Institute is to create a paradigm shift or renaissance in animal protection by advancing animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary studies.
This can be achieved by creating new or enhanced thought and intellectual property, particularly research, of the highest caliber through rigorous process and collaboration.

More specifically, the Brooks Institute’s vision is to be the preeminent think tank for animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary animal studies.

  • Regarding intellectual property, the Institute supports empirical research and data and does not have either a bias or advocacy agenda. It manages intellectual property to maintain quality and retain quality control, interests, and influence.
  • The Institute hosts a neutral, synergistic environment for subject-matter experts to brainstorm and produce actionable projects.
  • Through strategic coordination and collaboration, the Institute and its respective members serve as liaisons who synergistically work to advance opportunistic projects and initiatives for innovative impact.
  • The newly discovered intelligence and methods are made available to the community at-large for its use in advancing their respective interests in animal well-being, protection, and rights.
We liken our essence as a new kind of cultivated fruit tree. We will produce the best nutritious and fresh fruit (new intellectual property in the form of Gold Standard research, ethical application, and strategies) that then can be selectively picked by animal protection community members in nurturing their own mission and advocacy.
Brooks Institute Mission Tree