Conservation Groups Launch Additional Lawsuit Against National Park Service to Protect Point Reyes National Park and Tule Elk

Resource Renewal Institute, Center for Biological Diversity, and Western Watersheds Project filed a federal lawsuit challenging the National Park Service’s (NPS) controversial management plan for expanding private agriculture at California’s Point Reyes National Seashore, one of a handful of national parks that permits cattle grazing. Plaintiffs argue that NPS’ General Management Plan amendment, which authorizes 20-year leases for cattle ranchers in the park, impermissibly expands commercial ranching on public lands at the expense of native wildlife and natural habitats. Plaintiffs also argue that the NPS Plan amendment allows harmful water pollution to continue and permits the agency to kill native tule elk, a subspecies that is unique to Point Reyes National Park. Plaintiffs are seeking declaratory judgment and asking the court to vacate the GMP amendment.