The Sentience Project is an ongoing review of the better existing animal sentience research and policies, gap analysis, and pursuit of new research and publication that (1) significantly elevates the base of research and thinking on animal sentience into a cohesive approach, and (2) develops communication methods and platforms that effectively and impactfully translate the reality of animal sentience to a variety of audiences.

For our purposes, sentience (including cognitive elements) is the recognition of intelligence, cognition, ability to think and learn, powers of deliberation, having a conscious mind, awareness, perception, feeling, and to experience other sensations; the capacity for love, devotion, empathy, pleasure, pain, fear, stress, and suffering; the formation of social and relationship attachments; and possessing distinct personalities.

The Brooks Institute is taking an innovative look at what will influence people to have a greater sense of responsibility towards animals, elevating the base of research, and making it translatable to all audiences in The Sentience Project Survey.

The goal of The Sentience Project is to advance a renaissance in human responsibility towards non-human animal welfare, protection, and rights. The survey—through strategic collaboration—is one way we are exploring new ways to pursue this paradigm shift.

The Sentience Project is driven by the Institute staff with contributions by our operating committees and other advisors and collaborators.