An Unnatural Order

A personal and thought provoking manifesto regarding the process by which humans have cut themselves off from animals and the natural world, the extraordinarily negative effects this process has had on us and our world, and a plea for a total rethinking of our relationship to the animal world. [Originally published by Simon and Schuster 1993]

Entangled Empathy: An Alternative Ethic For Our Relationships with Animals

Sets forth an experiential process involving both emotion and cognition that, it is suggested, might be the best way to proceed in understanding our relationships with and obligations toward animals. It involves recognition of those relationships and also of the concomitant obligation to attend to another’s experience of well-being and thereby allow us to imagine less violent and more meaningful ways of co-existing. 


Images taken by a photojournalist in over 20 countries depicting animals held in zoos and aquaria. With contributions from Virginia McKenna, Lori Gruen, and Ron Kagan.