How Animals Grieve

In countering scientific skepticism about anthropomorphism, an anthropologist focuses on a single animal emotion, grief, and supports her contentions regarding its existence and depth through meticulous and interpretive reporting of animals who are very apparently mourning lost companions and mates.

What A Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins

Examines, in an accessible fashion, questions of fish sentience, intelligence and memory from consideration of the point of view of individual representatives of the over 30,000 species of fish, including practices such as courtship rituals, bonding, hunting cooperatively, tool use, deception, etc., and calls for a more enlightened and compassionate relationship with aquatic life.

Online Resource: The Someone Project: Farm Animal Behavior, Emotion and Intelligence


This collection of papers is based on research conducted under the auspices of Farm Sanctuary and headed by Lori Marino, Ph.D., that seeks to both collect relevant research and issue policy documents on the sentience of farmed animals and conduct original non-invasive and observational research on sanctuary animals.