The Human Animal Earthling Identity: Shared Values Unifying Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environmental Movements

Advocates for all social movements to collectively foster a cultural shift in human identity away from an egoistic anthropocentrism (human-centered outlook) and toward a more holistic valuing of species and ecological systems. Freeman is also the author of Framing Farming: Communication Strategies for Animal Rights (Rodopi, 2014), which argues for “ideological authenticity” in attempts to persuade people to stop eating animals.

Animals and Why They Matter

An exploration from the early days of the modern animal movement regarding the treatment of animals in various philosophical traditions, the errors and misjudgments that led to animals being left out of serious discussions regarding ethics, as well as proposals for rectifying this egregious lapse.

The Vegan Studies Project: Food, Animals, and Gender in the Age of Terro

Examines the social and cultural discourses shaping our perceptions of veganism as an identity category and social practice, including mainstream discourse regarding the relationship, or lack thereof, between animal rights and veganism. While focusing on the depiction of the vegan body in cultural representations, this work examines critical animal studies, human-animal studies, posthumanism, and ecofeminism as theoretical frameworks that inform vegan studies and positions these discussions in the context of post-9/11 anxieties over American strength and virility.