Online Resource: HEART


Includes an online library of Humane Education Resource Guides, Lessons and Activities, Games, Webinars, Educational Videos and Bibliographies focusing on humane education for elementary and secondary school pupils and their educators.

Through a Vegan Studies Lens: Textual Ethics and Lived Activism

A collection of essays that expands on the editor’s The Vegan Studies Project representing veganism as a practice that is viewed as oppositional to the mainstream economy and exposes this disruption, critiques it, and offers a new roadmap for navigating and reimaging popular culture representations on veganism. This book posits Vegan Studies as an integral part of cultural studies and critical theory, one that incorporates the displacement, abuse, and mistreatment of nonhuman animals.

The Vegan Studies Project: Food, Animals, and Gender in the Age of Terro

Examines the social and cultural discourses shaping our perceptions of veganism as an identity category and social practice, including mainstream discourse regarding the relationship, or lack thereof, between animal rights and veganism. While focusing on the depiction of the vegan body in cultural representations, this work examines critical animal studies, human-animal studies, posthumanism, and ecofeminism as theoretical frameworks that inform vegan studies and positions these discussions in the context of post-9/11 anxieties over American strength and virility.