The Animal That Therefore I Am

Translation from French of the complete text of the post-structuralist philosopher’s ten-hour address to the 1997 Cérisy conference entitled “The Autobiographical Animal.” Considers the roles played by animals in the author’s work as well as a critique of the separation of humans, as thinking animals, from all the other species. A strong indictment of the modern industrialized treatment of animals, while, at the same time, a complex examination of the definition of “life.”

The Lives of Animals

This metafictional novella by the South African Nobel laureate depicts lectures delivered by a fictional character, Elizabeth Costello, regarding animals and what is done to them, and lays out the emotional impact upon those humans who attend to this reality. The book includes responses by Marjorie Garber, Peter Singer, Wendy Doniger and Barbara Smuts. The work is recreated in Coetzee’s subsequent novel, Elizabeth Costello.

The Animals’ Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age

Using the concept of freedom as the touchstone for an analysis of animal needs and the realities of how animals are treated, animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff and bioethicist Jessica Pierce explore with a critical eye the ways in which animal freedom is constrained by human behavior in various settings, i.e., industrial food systems, laboratories, zoos and aquaria, homes, and the wild.

A Theory of Justice for Animals: Animal Rights in a Nonideal World

A political scientist who has written prolifically about animals argues here that our thinking about the proper way to treat animals should be rooted in concepts of justice. While acknowledging that there are many steps from where we are to where we should be in our treatment of animals, Garner argues for the concept of animal rights, including the right not suffer at the hands of humans.