How Animals Grieve

In countering scientific skepticism about anthropomorphism, an anthropologist focuses on a single animal emotion, grief, and supports her contentions regarding its existence and depth through meticulous and interpretive reporting of animals who are very apparently mourning lost companions and mates.

Ignoring Nature No More: The Case for Compassionate Conservation

This collection of essays from scholars in biology, psychology, sociology, social work, economics, political science, and philosophy, as well as from those doing fieldwork in their own countries around the world, argues that conservation practices should be rooted in empathy and compassion for the well-being of individuals, species, populations, and ecosystems.

The Cow with Ear Tag #1389

A detailed analysis of the modern dairy industry from the perspective of its effects on the animals involved. Includes such topics as the difficulties of conducting research regarding the conditions in which animals are held by private industry, the differences and similarities between small dairy farms and the increasingly dominant “mega-dairies” of California, and an exploration of such terms as “anthropomorphism,” “commodification,” and “violence” as applied to the dairy industry.

Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets

An exploration of the ambiguous ethics at the heart of the relationships between humans and the animals with whom they share their lives. Through anecdote and scientifically informed analyses of animal behavior, this work examines questions of whether keeping pets is, in and of itself, ethical, which species are better suited to the relationship and how pet keeping should be conducted to optimize the experience of the animal.