Creaturely Poetics: Animality and Vulnerability in Literature and Film

With a strong emphasis on Simone Weil’s conception of vulnerability as a “mark of existence," this book reimagines a poetics that begins with the vulnerability of bodies, rather than the omnipotence of thought. Turning to literature, film and other cultural texts, Pick proposes a "creaturely" approach based on the shared embodiedness of humans and animals, rather than the more familiar human inventory of consciousness, language, morality, and dignity. 

Dead Meat

This book is suggested as representative of the body of work, encompassing many works of art recorded in numerous books, by this prominent political artist, who can be considered one of the most important chroniclers of what humans do to animals in current times. Her view is unsparing, scathing and indispensable to understanding the world that animals inhabit. With an introduction by Alexander Cockburn.

We Animals

A selection of annotated photographs from the extensive collection of a photojournalist, taken over many years, that exposes and illuminates the way animals live and die amongst humans, including animals used for food, fashion, entertainment, research and those who have been rescued to live out the rest of their lives in sanctuaries.


Images taken by a photojournalist in over 20 countries depicting animals held in zoos and aquaria. With contributions from Virginia McKenna, Lori Gruen, and Ron Kagan.