February 15, 2024

World Moot on International Law and Animal Rights


Animals are subjected to abusive treatment in the form of breeding, capture, captivity, exploitation, and slaughter on a massive scale, often in manners and contexts that would be considered unlawful if done to humans. While human personhood and fundamental rights are widely recognised, protections for animals are far from adequate. In order to successfully issue adequate animal protections, the respective interests of humans, animals, and the planet must be balanced fairly.

Driven by our mission to ensure full recognition and protection for animal personhood and rights, the WMILAR equips future lawyers to effectively advocate for animal interests through an understanding of the intricacies of interdependence, competition, and conflict that exist among the inhabitants of our planet. Without such holistic understanding, solid legal arguments cannot be made and legal battles cannot be won.

In our launch event, we will introduce the audience to our organisation and mission, and emphasise the need that drove its establishment. We will then have the opportunity to listen to experts from across the world on the intricacies of animal rights in ethics, advocacy, and education.

Watch the recording of the event HERE

  • Prof. Peter Singer | Animals Australia; The Life You Can Save; Princeton University
  • Ms. Gauri Maulekhi | People for Animals; National Academy of Legal Studies and Research
  • Ms. Paula Sparks | UK Centre for Animal Law