Please join the Connecticut Journal of International Law as we explore strategies for protecting animal welfare through international law and policy.

The field of animal law has grown rapidly and extensively in recent decades. Examples of animal law in practice that immediately come to mind may be limited: the enactment of anti-cruelty statutes, or the protection of endangered species. But animal law cannot be neatly delineated as its own legal niche. Animal rights advocates have propelled the boundaries of animal law to intersect with most traditional fields of the law: constitutional, criminal, tort, environmental, business, family, consumer protection, entertainment.

Still, animal law is often treated locally and domestically. A Wild Approach will assemble an international group of scholars, practitioners, and activists to explore the advantages, strategies, and complications of implementing a global framework for animal welfare.

Panel discussion topics include pedagogical approaches to animal law, an international comparative analysis of animal law, the creation of a more sustainable and human food supply, and the protection of coastal and marine wildlife. Additionally, keynote addresses will contemplate the reduction of animal suffering through global legislation and the possibilities for intersectionality and the future of animal law attorneys.

This event is free for students and the general public. RSVP by April 7.

More information can be found here