November 21, 2023

Andrew Fenton in Talking Animals, Law & Philosophy


Over the last several years, the Canadian Council on Animal Care has been revising its core ethics document, which has not changed since 1989. The author has been serving on the subcommittee working on the revised text and will critically evaluate the current ethics document in his talk. A change visible in the revised document is the explicit use of actual ethics principles. However, a long-neglected consideration in such documents is formal justice and this talk will indicate what just animal use requires and where the revised CCAC document continues to fall short of that moral ideal.


Andrew Fenton is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University. He has authored or co-authored papers related to animal ethics, animal philosophy, or animal research ethics in such journals as Biology and Philosophy, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, and the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence. Fenton is a co-author of Chimpanzee Rights: The Philosophers’ Brief and co-edited a book titled Neuroethics and Nonhuman Animals.