March 3, 2021

10th Annual Animal Law Symposium: Animal Law and Environmental Law: Parallels and Synergies

With its intricate layers of international, federal, and state protections, environmental law is more established than animal law. In What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law? (Environmental Law Institute Press, 2d ed., 2020), Professor Abate has assembled an experienced team of 36 academics, advocates, and legal professionals from the environmental and animal law fields to examine the experiences of these two fields. Drawing on lessons from history, politics, and law, Professor Abate examines how environmental law’s successes in several key areas such as enforcement, use of the public trust doctrine, impact assessments, and international law protections can help propel animal law’s objectives and how the two fields can work together on topics such as climate change and food law and policy. This presentation will first address some of the key themes of the book’s coverage. It will then use provide case studies from the book’s chapters to illustrate how animal law can learn from environmental law and how the two fields can work together to secure mutual gains.

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