October 17, 2023

Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of Our Planet - A book talk with Ben Goldfarb


Approximately 40 million miles of roadways encircle the earth, but humans tend to regard them only as infrastructure for our convenience. Yet roads have far-reaching—and deadly—consequences for the nonhuman world: one million animals are killed by cars each day in the U.S. alone. Roadways also fragment wildlife populations into inbred clusters, disrupt migration for creatures from antelope to salmon, allow invasive plants to spread, and even bend the arc of evolution itself. In this talk, moderated by LEAP Student Fellow Nathalie Sommer, environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb (M.E.M. '13) will discuss his new book, Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping The Future of Our Planet. He will explore how roads have transformed our planet and the innovative solutions offered by road ecologists to address the existential threat roadways pose to many animal species. 

This event co-sponsored with New York University’s Wild Animal Welfare Program, the Yale Animal Ethics Study Group, the Yale Animal Law Society, Yale Environmental Humanities, and the Yale Environmental Law Association.