February 6, 2021

RAP Live! Summit 2021: Evolving Beyond Animal Ag

We will discuss perhaps the  most important question of our time. What can farmers do, on their land, to thrive without using animals? The survival of our planet may well depend on helping farmers evolve to something better for them and for the planet.

On Saturday, FEBRUARY 6, farmers, ranchers, scientists, food and agriculture experts, business leaders, activists and technologists converge to tackle this challenge.

The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) Summit is a convergence of trailblazers interested in or actively working towards a global solution for our farmers and ranchers. RAP has spent the last 5 years actively engaged in conversations with cattle ranchers and animal farmers; and we are dedicated to helping them develop alternatives to animal agriculture that will allow them to escape the economic and personal impact of today’s limited farm economy.

We will discuss the RAP process, evaluate and analyze business models and trends, meet ranchers and animal farmers already in transition and have the critical discussions needed to take the next steps in order to create solutions to the imminent concerns around our food, our economy, our animals, and our climate.

More information can be found here.