May 17, 2023

The Future of Animal Rights Law


A-LAW is pleased to host this event, taking place in London with a reception (6pm - 6:30pm) followed by a seminar discussing the future of animal rights law (6:30pm - 8pm). 

The legal experts will give short presentations, which will be followed by a panel discussion addressing where we are now and what they see the future holds for the development of animal legal rights.




We have a great line up of speakers joining, variously, in person and online, including Dr Sean Butler (Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law), Monica Miller (attorney at the NHRP, who litigated on behalf of Happy the elephant, joining online), Hugo Echevarria (lawyer from Ecuador, involved in Rights of Nature cases, joining online) and Vanessa Gerritsen (Tier im Recht, legal organisation in Switzerland.