April 26, 2023

By the Book: A Conversation with Carol Gigliotti, Author of The Creative Lives of Animals


Describing animals as creative beings brings up all kinds of questions that demand revaluing both animals and creativity. Carol Gigliotti reveals the depth and genius of animal creativity, demolishing a common view of animals as little more than robots mindlessly enacting scripts given to them by Nature. As with us, animals’ creative choices affect their social, cultural, and environmental worlds and they often rely on creative solutions to their unique circumstances. Animal creativity appears in a wide variety of contexts including expressing emotions, socially communicating with others, playing, courting, mating, raising children and designing and engineering animals’ homes. Gigliotti argues that we need a redefined sense of universal multispecies creativity. Recognizing ourselves as one species of many is a sure road to fostering our imagination and securing our bond with how imagination and creativity flow.


Carol Gigliotti, Author of The Creative Lives of Animals


Robyn Hederman, Co-Chair, Animal Law Committee
Rebecca Seltzer, Co-Chair, Animal Law Committee
Sara Chekroun, Secretary, Animal Law Committee