March 31, 2023

Animal Rights Speaker Series

Fayetteville, AR, United States

First of its kind at the School of Law, the series identifies and brings a distinguished speaker or joint speakers — who possess academic expertise and/or are nationally recognized in the area of animal rights law or animal sentience — to the law school each year.

The purpose is to introduce law students and other interested parties to existing animal protection laws, animal rights, litigation techniques, animal sentience, legal research and other topics focused on serving the interests of the animals and their human advocates under present law and going forward, and to provide in-depth knowledge and forward-looking ideas on animal rights as they now exist.


This year's speaker is the Pamela Frasch, professor of law and the Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy at Lewis & Clark Law School, where she founded the Center for Animal Law Studies. The center is an academic animal law program with a focus on academic research, scholarship and experiential education. The mission of the center is to educate the next generation of animal law attorneys and advance animal protection through the law.

Previously, professor Frasch served as general counsel for the Animal Legal Defense Fund and in 1996, created the ALDF Criminal Justice Program, which has since assisted law enforcement and animal advocates in investigating and prosecuting thousands of animal abuse and neglect cases nationwide.