March 29, 2023

Why We Should Care: The Reality of Octopus Farming


For many people, the octopus is a creature who inspires ideas of mystery and magic. But scientific evidence has shed light on these incredible animals in recent years. We know octopuses are highly intelligent, capable of impressive problem-solving skills, and likely experience a range of emotions. We are horrified by the idea of octopus farming becoming a reality. Since this new form of animal exploitation is still in development, we have the power to stop it. Join us for a FREE webinar on octopus farming Wednesday, March 29th at 12:00pm PDT. We’ll introduce you to these fascinating animals and discuss how we can stand up for them before it’s too late.


The webinar will feature a pre-recorded presentation by Dr. Jennifer Jacquet, Associate Professor from NYU and a live Q&A with Dr. Jacquet & Giulia Malerbi, Global Policy Lead at Aquatic Life Institute.