March 22, 2023

Webinar: Why are more people going plant-based?


This is an introductory level webinar, most suited for those with an early interest in the plant-based movement or in farmed animal advocacy. It is open to any individuals in Southeast Asia, who are interested in exploring ways to be involved in this movement - for the environment, reduction of animal suffering, or for human health.

Have you been thinking about how plant-based foods impact and benefit us, non-human animals and the environment? This introductory webinar outlines the reasons behind the increased acceptance and popularity of plant-based foods and the rapid growth of the plant-based industry. It is also an opportunity to find out about how you can be a part of this revolutionary movement.


Shirley Lu, Managing Director - Asia and Chief China Representative, ProVeg International.

To accelerate sustainable food consumption, Shirley has launched and spoken at food forums that bring together officials, academics, senior executives and startup entrepreneurs to provide insights and shed light on opportunities and challenges. Shirley has extensive background in both retail foods and foodservice in Asia.