Online Webinar

An abandoned mongrel named Akbar led me at once to Critical Animal Studies as well as to a more personal, relational way of thinking and writing. Tending to him during his final months frames my presentation. In a series of Brazilian “zooliterary” texts, what is the connection between the domination, incarceration, torture and killability of so-called animals, so-called criminals and so-called non-whites? Akbar’s decline and COVID-19 loom in the foreground of my meditations. In the U.S., the pandemic shines a light on the entanglement of anti-blackness, nonhuman animal slaughter and hypercapitalism. In my patio, Akbar takes his final breaths as Derek Chauvin asphyxiates George Floyd, pigs and chickens are gassed to death en masse, and a zoonotic disease threatens to suffocate us all.

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