United States of America, and The State of Ohio, v. The City of Elyria, Ohio


Elyria, Ohio, a Cleveland-area municipality, has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit brought against the city by the United States and the state of Ohio over the city’s purported violations of the federal Clean Water Act and relevant state regulations. The city has agreed to spend an estimated $248 million on projects following allegations that it improperly discharged untreated sewage into the Black River, which flows into Lake Erie and provides habitat for salmonids and other aquatic life. Elyria also will pay a $100,000 civil penalty to the U.S. and $100,000 to Ohio's Surface Water Improvement Fund.

[To accompany Federal Court Case Law Update "Ohio Municipality Agrees to Settle CWA Lawsuit for Discharging Untreated Sewage" from Brooks Animal Law Digest Issue No. 166.]