November 17, 2022

Know Your Rights for Animal and Environmental Activists


Everyone has basic rights under the United States Constitution and civil rights laws. This training is geared towards animal activists and designed to help you learn more about your rights, how to exercise them, and what to do when your rights are violated.


Will Lowrey is the founder and Legal Counsel for Animal Partisan, a newly forming legal advocacy organization focused on challenging unlawful conduct in animal agriculture and research. Previously, Will worked as Legal Counsel for Animal Outlook, a national nonprofit farmed animal protection organization, where he divided his time between undercover investigations and civil litigation. On behalf of Animal Outlook, Will engaged in numerous lawsuits against the government and industrial agriculture. Will currently resides in central Virginia and helps operate a nonprofit sanctuary for formerly farmed animals.

Kathy Hessler is the Assistant Dean for Animal Law at George Washington University Law School and the Director of the Animal Legal Education Initiative there. Kathy has been a clinical law professor for 30 years and has been teaching animal law for 22 years.  She has written about legal perspectives related to protest and has, with her students, developed a resource guide to help activists and their lawyers.