July 13, 2022

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Use Against Animal Abuse


You know the U.S. Freedom of Information Act as a 1967 federal law that requires federal agencies to disclose data to us, the public.  You also know that for 60 years, FOIA requests were critical tools for journalists and activists shining light on federal agency activities. But how has FOIA helped animals?

Join us on July 13th @ Noon as U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus and eight animal rights organizations explain how.  Whether your focus is the plight of laboratory animals, farm animals, marine mammals used for entertainment, or our imperiled wildlife, this webinar brings together FOIA champions from all fields.  Their stories will inspire you!  You may even decide to write a FOIA request yourself!

As always, National Lawyers Guild webinars are free, the speakers top-notch, and we conclude with a Q & A.


U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus

  • Justin Goodman, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy, White Coat Waste Project;
  • Tyler Lobdell, Esq. Staff Attorney-- Food and Water Watch;
  • Dr. Naomi Rose, PhD., Marine Mammal Scientist-- Animal Welfare Institute;
  • Donald Baur, Parter, Perkins Coie, LLP;
  • Nancy Warren, Exec. Director of National Wolfwatcher Coalition;
  • John Barnes, freelance reporter, prior Projects Editor at MLive.com;
  • Amelia Perrin, Investigations Manager-- American Wild Horse Campaign;
  • Tanya Sanerib, Esq., International Legal Director, Senior Attorney-- Center for Biological Diversity