August 17-18, 2022

Educators for Animals Conference


Educational institutions have a complicated relationship with animals. Educators teach about topics such as kindness, compassion, social justice, and environmental sustainability, while our schools frequently exploit animals through the food we serve, the dissections we carry out, the field trips we run, and the curriculum we facilitate that ignores their plight (among others). Undoubtedly these are complex issues and solutions need to be undertaken with great care, awareness, and scope. Educators are uniquely positioned to open up conversations about these issues and to help turn the tide of our society’s overall indifference to the suffering of countless animals.   

The 2022 Educators for Animals Conference will bring together educators from around the world to explore how animal advocacy can be incorporated into classes and school communities. The conference is open to educators working with students at any age level - from Pre-K to Post-Secondary. 

Conference attendees will:

  • Join a community of compassionate educators interested in animal protection;
  • Learn about innovative teaching practices and resources that protect and celebrate animals; and 
  • Be inspired to take the next steps in their own advocacy for animals.