CEAP conducts, supports, and disseminates research that contributes to the protection of both animals and the environment. The Center has three distinguishing features: (1) its focus on highly credible, evidence-based research that will provide usable knowledge and policy recommendations to decision-makers and advocacy groups; (2) its emphasis on the integration of environmental and animal protection issues; and (3) its attention to fostering collaboration between scholars and private-sector change makers around the world. The Center carries out its mandate by initiating research projects, convening workshops, producing policy briefs, and providing seed money for large projects. CEAP’s research activities will be synergistic with NYU’s innovative graduate program in Animal Studies, capitalizing on the reservoir of talented, highly motivated students and training them to do world-class research and advocacy. CEAP reaches beyond NYU to enlist those scholars best positioned to help fulfill its mission.

The nexus of animal agriculture, climate change, and conservation represents one of the most pressing and least understood threats to a sustainable future and will be a main focal point of the Center’s activities. Addressing this issue will require broad changes in values, behavior, governance, and technology, all areas within CEAP’s purview. Faculty in the Department of Environmental Studies are already addressing many of these issues including the climate impacts of animal agriculture, animal well-being, trade in endangered species, and the environmental and animal impacts of aquaculture.

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New York University Center for Environmental and Animal Protection is a member of the Brooks Animal Studies Academic Network.