April 25, 2022

Representing Nonhuman Animals: Recent Developments in Animal Law Conference


The key goal of this conference is to present a novel opportunity for those who are considering a career in research, and more particularly, in the field of animal law, to present their ideas in a supportive, low-pressure environment whilst networking with other likeminded people. It is also the ideal environment in which to share ideas and develop networks in this fast developing area of law. Whilst academic conferences are typically aimed at postgraduate researchers already embarked upon their academic journeys, our speakers will be solely made up of undergraduates and taught master's students: the floor is yours!

The focus of the conference is very much interdisciplinary. We are keen to hear differing perspectives on how to best represent animals from university students across the UK, no matter what faculty you are affiliated with. Please do not hesitate to apply even if you are not studying law. This is an opportunity to not only research animals, but also a great chance to improve your presentation skills and grow in confidence.

The conference will also represent an opportunity for students to learn about the work of the UK Centre for Animal Law, as well as the various ways in which they can get involved with the organisation alongside their studies.