The majority of households have pets which, in terms of the law, are considered tangible personal property. But most households view these companion animals as members of their family who are capable of thinking, flourishing, and suffering – and not as a possession on par with the family home. Don’t miss this online presentation that shows you how to easily and effectively draft comprehensive pet trusts and ancillary boilerplate provisions for your next client. Animal Law attorneys, family law lawyers, general practitioners, and trusts and estates counsel who attend this program will better understand:

  • The must-haves on your pet trust drafting checklist;
  • The available resources for animals-in-estate-planning;
  • The animal-related boilerplate provisions that should be in every revocable living trust, will, and financial Power of Attorney;
  • Which legal estate planning tools can help you facilitate caring for the family pet; and
  • How to use current estate planning documents to create a customized pet trust.

Program Coordinator:

  • Daniel P. Felix, The Professional Trustee, Deerfield
  • Colleen L. Sahlas, Law Offices of Hoy & Sahlas, LLC, Oak Brook

Program Moderator:

  • Daniel P. Felix, The Professional Trustee, Deerfield

Program Speaker:

  • Timothy S. Midura, Huck Bouma, P.C., Wheaton Presented by the ISBA Trusts & Estates Section

More information can be found here