Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs (CAAP) National Task Force

The Brooks Institute is facilitating a Task Force of national experts in legal animal advocacy to explore the nuances of representing the individual nonhuman animal in the courtroom. Desmond’s Law-like statutes are starting to be adopted by a number of states. The CAAP Task Force will explore various lanes in the highway of courtroom animal advocacy and provide the best thinking and policy-making in shaping this national trend.

Farmed Animal Research Collaborative (FAR Collaborative)

The Brooks Institute is facilitating a collaboration of interdisciplinary and intersectional stakeholders to effect change for the well-being of animals in agriculture through impactful research. The Collaborative brings together key funders, advocates, and researchers to process a consensus of the most impactful research for farmed animal change, set priorities, and implement highest quality research.

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North American Animal Law Conference (NAAL)

The Brooks Institute annually facilitates the North American Animal Law Conference. The 2021 conference was held on October 1, 2021. The NAAL Conference is a co-sponsored effort with the Canadian Animal Law Conference held on October 2-3, 2021. The mission of the NAAL Conference is to spotlight animal law and policy scholarship.

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