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Legal Evolution and the New Rights Revolution: Expanding the Sphere of Protection to Animals and the Environment
Johannesburg, South Africa

Activists and lawyers are increasingly recognizing that there is a connection between cruelty to animals and the violation of human rights. Studies have demonstrated the link between domestic violence and animal abuse; specialists in the right to food (including the FAO) have drawn a link between food insecurity and the mass production of meat; and the slaughter industry itself is now recognized as one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. The well-being of animals, therefore, is not extraneous to human rights; it is inextricably intertwined with the pursuit of social justice for humans. 

Against this backdrop, SAIFAC in partnership with Animal Law Reform South Africa (ALRSA) will be hosting a Conference which aims to focus on the expansion of rights and law beyond the human sphere. We are pleased to release the Concept Note and Call for Papers on the upcoming conference and look forward to receiving abstracts by Monday 20 April 2020.

More information may be found here.

Seventh Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School
Merton College, Oxford
Animals and Public Policy
Embodying, Implementing, and Institutionalising Animal Ethics

We are witnessing a change in attitudes to animals – from the idea that they are tools, machines, commodities, here for our use, to the idea that they are sentient beings who have intrinsic value, dignity, and rights. This Summer School will be concerned with how that change of attitude should be embodied, implemented and institutionalised in public policy, including legislation, education, business, arts, sciences, literature, and religion.

How do we properly institutionalise the attitudinal change that has taken place over the last forty years?

We invite public policy advisers and academics, educationalists, ethicists, historians, lawyers, criminologists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, social scientists, and others from around the globe to participate and present. We aim to produce a pioneering book volume that breaks new ground.

More information may be found here.