MLA Diljeet Brar Calls for Investigation Following Death of 2000 Pigs in Manitoba Storm

During Question Period in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Diljeet Brar, asked the Minister of Agriculture, Derek Johnson, whether an investigation was initiated to explore the deaths of approximately 2,000 pigs at HyLife factory pig farm on April 24th, 2022. MLA Brar recounted that a storm had caused a power outage in a barn and backup generators failed causing the pigs to suffocate (see Issue 16, Spotlights, Other Updates). In response, Minister Johnson stated that every farm in Manitoba needs to have an emergency action plan that includes backup generators. MLA Brar highlighted the importance of formal investigations by veterinarians for transparency and to prevent future “unnecessary loss of animal life.” MLA Brar asked whether the Minister would order an investigation and produce a report detailing farmed animal suffocation incidents in Manitoba for the past five years. Minister Johnson did not commit to either ordering an investigation or producing a report. Watch the Question Period here (MLA Brar’s question beginning at 56:50), read more about the incident on Animal Justice’s blog post here, and read more here.