February 14-16, 2020

Brooks Congress

Our inaugural Brooks Congress took place in February 2020, Miami Beach, Florida. The Congress hosted approximately 80 of the most influential participants in the animal protection community. This invitation-only event was designed to create an environment of new thinking, inspiration, community building, and collaboration on the theme of bigger thinking in effecting change. It featured three renowned presenters and a breakout session for small group discussion, strategically paced for rejuvenation, and individual interaction – a marked contrast to a large conference in which every minute is occupied by a panel session.

It was our pleasure to host a synergistic event of immense collaborative and relationship building opportunities all in service of pursuing a paradigm shift in human responsibility towards, and value of, animals. The 2020 Congress resulted in valuable resources such as a rapporteur's reportvideo presentations, and their transcripts.

The next Congress is being planned for March 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona.