Oklahoma Bills Would Fund Transition to Group Housing for Pregnant Pigs

Oklahoma Senate Bill 66[GC1] , the “Oklahoma Rural Investment for Sow Farms Act of 2023” would allocate $47 million to help breeding sow pig facilities: 1) transition from gestation crates to group housing with a minimum of 37.6 square feet of usable floor space per pregnant sow; 2) fund removal of gestation crates; 3) fund group housing renovations; and 4) fund training of workers on methods of Humane Farm Animal Care Standard group housing techniques for pregnant pigs. A companion bill, House Bill 2438, the “Pregnant Pigs Pilot Program Act of 2023” would allocate $4 million to fund a pilot program with the same main objectives but only require pregnant sows to be given 24 square feet of usable space. The bills have not yet been assigned to committees.