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South Carolina Bill Would Allow Commercial Sale of Animals Killed for Depredation Purposes

South Carolina Senate Bill 556 would remove the current prohibition on the commercial “disposal” of an animal killed “under authority of a depredation permit.”

New York Bill Would Empower Localities to Ban Fur

New York Assembly Bill 8442 would amend the state’s Environmental Conservation Law by authorizing local governments to restrict the trade or sale of real fur products. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation.

Ireland Becomes the Fifteenth European Country to Ban Fur Farming

Ireland’s fur farm ban will go into effect in 2022, at which time Ireland will become the fifteenth European country to impose such a ban. The three existing fur farms in Ireland currently account for approximately 110,000 pelts of mink, foxes, weasels, and other furbearing animals per year.

California Bans Fur Trapping

California Governor Newsom has signed a bill banning recreational and commercial fur trapping. The law does not apply to rats, mice, voles, moles, and gophers. The law also bans certain kinds of traps, including steel-jawed leghold traps.

France to Ban Exhibition of Wild Animals

France’s minister of ecological transition has announced that the country will ban using captive wildlife for entertainment in circuses or marine parks, as well as, mink farming.

Denmark Announces Killing of All Mink

Denmark first announced mink farmers must, but amid legal challenges now only recommends that farmers kill all mink raised in the country for fur because of concerns over a mutated form of COVID-19 that could spread to humans.

ALDF Settles Lawsuit with Fur-Ever Wild Over Wolf Killings

The Animal Legal Defense Fund announced it has settled its case against Fur-Ever Wild, a wolf exhibiter in Minnesota. As part of the settlement, Fur-Ever Wild has agreed to no longer kill wolves or sell products made from wolves’ bodies. The lawsuit was originally brought in 2017 under the Endangered Species Act.

Oregon Considers Ban on Sale of New Fur Products

Oregon House Bill 2676 would prohibit the sale, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, or other distribution for consideration of fur products. The ban would not apply to nonprofits, secondhand stores, pawn shops, or Native American tribes.

Alabama Legislation Would Protect Animal Enterprises and Criminalize “Frivolous” Reports of Animal Abuse

Alabama Senate Bill 196, if enacted, would give exclusive jurisdiction over all animal enterprises in the state to the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry, ban any municipality or jurisdiction within the state from prohibiting (outright or via financial deterrents) animal enterprise, and criminalize the making of any report “clearly lacking any basis in fact or law” of animal cruelty against an animal enterprise. The bill would also discourage any entity holding an impounded animal from sterilizing the animal by making that entity liable for “the value of the animal and three times  the projected revenue over the reasonably expected life” of the animal.

Washington Considers Regulation of Fur Production

Washington House Bill 1372 would prohibit fur farming and the manufacture of fur products. The legislation would include exemptions for fur products used in religious or traditional tribal purposes, activities authorized by federal law, and used fur products.