Concerns Arise Over Ontario Couple’s Kennel Zoning Request

An application submitted by a couple from Mapleton, Ontario, seeking a zoning by-law amendment to allow for a breeding kennel on their property has sparked concerns from several councillors. Although they claim the kennel has operated for years with just three dogs, the report indicates there are several buildings on the property currently housing other animals such as kangaroos, birds, lemurs, and goats. Councillor Michael Martin expressed his frustration with the application, highlighting numerous activities on the property that appear to be non-compliant with township bylaws. He also questioned the necessity for additional kennels in the area, stating, “Mapleton is full of licensed kennels. I’m not convinced that we need another one, to be honest. […] And it’s also full of unlicensed kennels and breeding operations that have received a fair amount of media, and rightly so. It’s a concern.” A recommendation report and proposed bylaw amendment will be drafted for review once outstanding concerns have been addressed.