In order to advance the Institute’s Mission and Ethos, our officers and staff facilitate operating committees, implement and monitor innovative projects, and report to the Board of Trustees.

Timothy S. Midura, C.P.A., J.D., LL.M.
Trustee, Cofounder, President, Executive Director, and General Counsel
The Brooks Institute
Directing Trustee
Brooks McCormick Jr. Trust for Animal Rights Law and Policy

Timothy Midura is a licensed attorney and registered certified public accountant who brings more than 25 years of legal expertise to his role at the Brooks Institute.
He has served on a number of boards of non-profit and professional organizations.
Prior to entering private law practice, Mr. Midura was a member of the tax department of a “big four” public accounting firm. His expertise in complex fiduciary (business entity, estate, and trust) planning and administration; charitable gift facilitation and related not-profit organizations; and private foundation matters uniquely qualifies him for his role as President, Executive Director, and General Counsel of the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law & Policy, Inc.
Mr. Midura has researched, written, and presented in his legal areas of expertise. He pursues continuing education with a passion and is in a continuous ‘listening tour’ of the animal protection movement. Therefore, Mr. Midura maintains a vantage point and appreciation for cultivating premier educational and research resources.

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Sarah Muñoz
Director of Administration/Project Manager
The Brooks Institute

As Director of Administration and Project Manager, Sarah oversees the planning, monitoring, and fulfillment of a roster of initiatives, projects, and events for the Brooks Institute. These include event management of the inaugural Congress and interdisciplinary animal academics studies summit, sentience and cognition study initiatives, and advancing the Institute's research by participating in an international 'listening tour' attending conferences and conferring with dozens of seasoned actors in the animal protection community.

Sarah graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Sarah knew she wanted to be a voice for the voiceless and have a career bettering the lives of others. It was through her rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming volunteer work with pit bull breed dogs, who she has a particular affinity for, that she realized those for which she wanted to advocate are non-human animals. A naturally inclined vegetarian, education through media and her own research lead her to match her behavior to her beliefs and adopt a vegan lifestyle. This was further compounded by the importance she and her family put on health and sustainability.

Prior to the Brooks Institute Sarah had extensive experience in administration at an institutional fixed income investment firm. They created unique financial instruments and educated community financial institutions through running their own bond math university and programs to teach strategic decision making in the implementation of financial products and tools. Sarah directly applies this experience to managing projects for the Brooks Institute.

Sarah has always had an affinity and heightened sensitivity towards non-human animals so the opportunity to combine her education, personal passion and professional experience at the Brooks Institute is true providence.

Sarah lives in the Chicago area with her family including her husband, two young children, and 13-year-old feline. Outside of work and family, she enjoys fitness and opportunities to help animals ranging from domestic animals in her community, to exotic animal sanctuaries.  

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Amanda Yancey
Director of Systems/Project Manager
The Brooks Institute

Amanda Yancey is the Director of Systems and Project Manager for the Brooks Institute.

Her previous career was in the logistics industry, primarily involved in data analytics, training others on and implementing new worldwide operations systems, and assisting in principal stages of new global initiatives for business processes and system enhancements. When presented with the opportunity to align her professional experience with her personal passion for helping animals, she could not turn away.

Since joining the Brooks Institute in early 2018, Amanda manages the building and implementation of dynamic technology initiatives such as facilitating internal and committee communications, creating and administering the forums, overseeing the web design and development team, and collaborating on all special projects. Some current projects include event management of the inaugural Brooks Congress and interdisciplinary animal academics studies summits, sentience and cognition study initiatives, and advancing the Institute's research by participating in an international 'listening tour' attending conferences and conferring with dozens of seasoned actors in the animal protection community.

Amanda shares her home with her husband, sixteen-year-old stepson, eight-year-old cat, two – two-year-old rescue dogs, and one-year-old son. In her free time, she has volunteered for several years with her local animal shelter, fostered rescue dogs in her home, and has been an advisor and director on the board for the supporting nonprofit of her municipal open-admission animal shelter.

Amanda may be contacted at

Elena Bobysheva
Administrative Assistant
The Brooks Institute

Elena is an award-winning Creative Director that brings over seven years of brand development, digital marketing, design, and entrepreneurial experience to the Administrative Assistant position. Elena has also served as a Communication Chair on the Board of Directors for a Chicago fashion organization, for which she led the social media strategy and secured event sponsorships for the organization.

Elena graduated from Columbia College Chicago with an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Business Marketing. Elena’s thesis collection was discovered during Chicago Fashion Week and subsequently picked up by a luxury retailer, thus launching her own high-end womenswear label a couple months after graduation.

Applying her own deeply-rooted values on sustainability, animal welfare, and traditional craftsmanship, Elena’s collections did not use fur, leather, exotic skins, or feathers and operated on an in-house, made-to-order business model so to not contribute to the wastefulness and overproduction in the fashion industry. The business was fully self-funded, profitable, and saw natural growth through organic press from local, national, international publications, and even garnered attention from celebrity stylists.  In 2019, Elena made the decision to switch focus from her ready-to-wear collection to explore other creative endeavors and pursue her lifelong passion for animal welfare.

Joining the Brooks Institute in June 2020, as the Administrative Assistant, Elena utilizes her past entrepreneurial background to organize and manage daily office operations, perform graphic design and branding projects for various media and digital platforms, social media management, data and systems maintenance, research, event planning, and special projects assistance.

Elena lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and 1 year old cat, Luna. Outside of Brooks hours, Elena is currently working on a new start-up, an astrological organization and stationery brand for creative professionals.

Elena can be contacted at