A Summary of Expert Opinions Regarding Courtoom Animal Advocacy Programs

Courtroom Animal Advocacy Programs (CAAPs) are being evaluated by states to enhance the interests of justice and victim-animals in criminal courtrooms. The Brooks Institute facilitated a cohort of dedicated animal law and animal protection practitioners and academics who assisted in preliminary nuanced evaluations of CAAPs. That process led to a research project by Che Green of Cultivate Insights to interview thirty-six diverse stakeholders and experts concerning benefits and issues pertaining to CAAPs.

The survey resulted in a peer-reviewed report that assesses the current state of Courtroom Animal Advocacy Programs and explores some of the most important observations and questions surrounding this potential tool for animal advocacy.

The Brooks Institute is grateful to the CAAPs taskforce and workgroup participants, many interviewees, peer-reviewers, and other contributors, whose combined efforts with Che Green as lead author and editor produced this report.