the Brooks Institue
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The Brooks Institute Mission

Pursuing a paradigm shift in animal rights law and policy through strategic collaboration

The Brooks Institute is dedicated to producing and disseminating outstanding, independent, academic, and public policy research with real-world relevance focused on advancing law and public policy pertaining to animals. In keeping with the highest standards of independent inquiry, the Brooks Institute will never alter its research findings or conclusions to accommodate other interests, including those of funders, other organizations, or government bodies and officials.

Brooks Origins

The Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy, Inc. was founded in 2017 after the death of its benefactor, Brooks McCormick, Jr. Brooks shared his life with many companion animals and his deep bond with them fueled his belief in their emotional cognizance and intellectual capacity.

His dearest relationship was with his two dogs, Barney and Bailey, whom he regarded on a level equal to any human counterpart.

It was through these profound animal connections that Brooks realized a purpose for his fortune. There existed a gap between human and animal relationships and the laws and policies that governed them, and there was not enough empirical research to bridge it. In the eyes of the law, animals have traditionally been regarded as a form of property, but Brooks hoped that with a deeper understanding, policy makers could gain the objective analysis for progressive change. Through his vision and wealth, Brooks hopes to leave a legacy of opportunity for profound change in animal rights law and policy.

Photo of a cow

About the Brooks Institute

With strict adherence to independent, rigorous scientific methods, the Brooks Institute uses scholarly research to explore the intrinsic worth – and even individual personhood – of non-human animals.

The Institute applies collaborative methods and models to study legal, social, economic, environmental, and ethological animal issues that inform enlightened law and policy. These determinations serve as a social experiment that pursues an unprecedented paradigm shift in animal rights law and policy.

Brooks Institute Ethos

As stewards of our fellow creatures we will:

  • Impartially seek the truths, fresh perspectives, and innovative discoveries that enlighten animal law and policy.
  • Pursue excellence in procedure, research, and communication through gold standard studies.
  • Dedicate ourselves to careful, diligent, and independent processes, without pursuit of or advocacy for any preconceived outcome or political agenda.
  • Respect the collective potential of diverse, peer reviewed collaboration.
  • Consider minority and dissenting positions to broaden our perspectives and evolve our analysis.
  • Maintain an environment of mutual respect and consideration.

Who We Are

The Brooks Institute's Scholars, Fellows, Advisors, and staff represent a carefully selected group of professionals with expertise in law, policy and animal affairs. Each member contributes his or her knowledge to collaborate, coordinate, and advance outstanding studies.


Greg Oskow Chairman

Gregory W. Osko, MBA

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Brooks Institute, Directing Trustee of the Brooks McCormick Jr. Trust for Animal Rights Law and Policy, Chairman of the Board of TC Wealth Partners

Tim Midura CEO

Timothy S. Midura, C.P.A., J.D., LL.M.

Trustee of the Brooks Institute, President, Executive Director, and General Counsel of the Brooks Institute, Directing Trustee of the Brooks McCormick Jr. Trust for Animal Rights Law and Policy